Man pages for jiho/yssr
Your Static Site in R

buildBuild the website
capitaliseCapitalise string
capitalise_wordsCapitalise words in a string
cleanRemove the build directory
display_as_listCreate an HTML list
display_as_tableCreate an HTML table
file_roleGuess the role of files from their path and extension
form_bootstrapBootstrap form elements
get_build_pathChange the path of a file from source to build
initInitialise an yssr website
linkCreate HTML links
mailtoCreate mailto links
obscure_emailObscure email address
processProcess website files
read_configRead site configuration
renderRender a template file inside a layout
render_contentRender markup from a templating engine into HTML
scandirList files and directories
serveServe the local website
toggle_attributeToggle a logical value into an attribute for an HTML tag
watchWatch the website source for changes and process files...
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