Man pages for jimhester/gmailr
Access the Gmail RESTful API

accessorsMethods to get values from message or drafts
as.character.mimeConvert a mime object to character representation
attachmentRetrieve an attachment to a message
bodyGet the body text of a message or draft
clear_tokenClear the current oauth token
create_draftCreate a draft from a mime message
create_labelCreate a new label
delete_labelPermanently delete a label
delete_messagePermanently delete a single message
delete_threadPermanently delete a single thread.
draftGet a single draft
draftsGet a list of drafts
gmail_authSetup oauth authentication for your gmail
gmailr'gmailr' makes gmail access easy.
historyRetrieve change history for the inbox
idGet the id of a gmailr object
import_messageImport a message into the gmail mailbox from a mime message
insert_messageInsert a message into the gmail mailbox from a mime message
labelGet a specific label
labelsGet a list of all labels
last_responseResponse from the last query
messageGet a single message
messagesGet a list of messages
mimeCreate a mime formatted message object
modify_messageModify the labels on a message
modify_threadModify the labels on a thread
pipePipe statements
quoted_printable_encodeEncode text using quoted printable
save_attachmentsave the attachment to a file
save_attachmentsSave attachments to a message
send_draftSend a draft
send_messageSend a message from a mime message
threadGet a single thread
threadsGet a list of threads
trash_messageSend a single message to the trash
trash_threadSend a single thread to the trash
untrash_messageRemove a single message from the trash
untrash_threadRemove a single thread from the trash.
update_labelUpdate a existing label.
use_secret_fileUse information from a secret file
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