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Easily Scrape and Process AFL Data

convert_resultsConvert AFL Men's results into long format
fitzRoy-packagefitzRoy: Easily Scrape and Process AFL Data
fixtureFixture for upcoming afl seasons.
footywire_htmlHelper function for 'get_footywire_stats'
get_afltables_statsReturn afltables match stats
get_afltables_urlsReturn match URLs for specified dates
get_fixtureGet upcoming fixture from
get_footywire_statsScrape footywire player statistics.
get_match_dataHelper function for 'get_footywire_stats'
get_match_resultsGet basic match results from
get_score_progression_rawGet raw score progression data
get_squiggle_dataAccess Squiggle data using the squiggle API service.
match_resultsResults from all AFL Men's matches
player_statsAdvanced player match statistics.
replace_teamsInternal function to ensure names match between different...
results_weatherResults with weather data.
scrape_afltables_matchReturn afltables player match stats
update_footywire_statsUpdate the included footywire stats data to the specified...
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