Man pages for jinhuali/globalPM25
Query Real-Time Local Air Pollute PM2.5 Level

getglobalPM25OptionsReturn package options
getPMget all real-time PM2.5 data near any location
getPMatMajorWorldCitiesget real-time PM2.5 level at major world cities
getPMbyCityNamesget real-timePM2.5 level at a city or a vector of cities
getPMbylatlonget real-time PM2.5 level near a latitude and longitude
getPM_Countryget real-timePM2.5 level at a country
getPMinRegionget real-time PM2.5 within a geographic boundary
getPMnearmeget real-time PM2.5 level near you
globalPM25Query Real-Time Local Air Pollute PM2.5 Level
plotPMdatplot sample pm2.5 data form 'usdat' and 'worlddat'
processPMdataprocess json data
resetOptionsReset the global package variable 'globalPM25.options'
setbaseurlSet the root url
settokenSet the token
setworldcitiesSet the city names to be queryed
usdatPM2.5 data collected from stations at continental USA; the...
worlddatPM2.5 data collected from stations at a list of selected...
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