Man pages for jinhyunju/picaplot
An R package for analyzing gene expression data with Principal / Independent Component Analysis

covarAssociationCheckCalculate association between components and given covariates
detectClustersFunction to estimate the number of clusters in IC...
expr_dataA subset of gene expression measurements with 2642 genes and...
getCovariateMxFunction that returns a matrix of IC coefficients that can be...
getGeneInfoRetrieve information for top contributing genes for a given...
plotComponentGenerate plots for single component
probe_infoPositional information for 2642 probes used in 'expr_data'
reportgenGenerating ICA or PCA summary reports.
runICACustom ICA function for analyzing gene expression data.
runPCACustom PCA function for analyzing gene expression data.
sample_infoSample covariate information for 47 samples in 'expr_data'
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