GBOTB.extended: The megaphylogeny of vascular plants

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This mega-tree GBOTB.extended.tre is a combination of GBOTB for seed plants (Smith & Brown, 2018) and the clade in Zanne et al.’s (2014) phylogeny for pteridophytes, with updates, corrections and expansion.


Smith, S. A., & Brown, J. W. (2018) Constructing a broadly inclusive seed plant phylogeny. American Journal of Botany, 105, 302-314.

Zanne, A.E., Tank, D.C., Cornwell, W.K., Eastman, J.M., Smith, S.A., FitzJohn, R.G., McGlinn, D.J., O'Meara, B.C., Moles, A.T., Reich, P.B., Royer, D.L., Soltis, D.E., Stevens, P.F., Westoby, M., Wright, I.J., Aarssen, L., Bertin, R.I., Calaminus, A., Govaerts, R., Hemmings, F., Leishman, M.R., Oleksyn, J., Soltis, P.S., Swenson, N.G., Warman, L., & Beaulieu, J.M. (2014) Three keys to the radiation of angiosperms into freezing environments. Nature, 506, 89-92.

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