Man pages for jirayusjiar/Jmisc

change.factor.levelsChange the levels of a factor
change.factor.orderChange the orders of a factor
check.constant.metricsRemove metrics that are constant
get.automated.varclusAutomated Spearman rank correlation test
get.color.boxplotGet Colorful Boxplots Function
get.logistic.regressionGet Logistic Regression Model function
get.model.interpretationGet model interpretation for logistic regression and random...
get.performance.measuresGet performance measures Statistical Values of Boxplots Data
get.predicted.probabilityGet predicted probability
get.random.forest.classificationGet Random Forest model function (Classification)
get.vcGet VarClus based on the absolute Spearman correlation... VarClus based on the absolute Spearman correlation...
init.factorInitialize a factor
pathPath function
stepwise.vifAutomated Stepwise Variance Inflation Factor Analysis
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