Man pages for jirkalewandowski/gitlabr
Access to the Gitlab API

branchesList, create and delete branches
gitlabRequest Gitlab API
gitlabciDefine Gitlab CI jobs
gitlabrInterface to gitlab API on high and low levels
gitlabr_0_7_renamingrenamings from gitlabr version 0.6.4 to 0.7
gitlabr-deprecatedDeprecated functions
gl_archiveGet zip archive of a specific repository
gl_buildsAccess the Gitlab CI builds
gl_commentsGet the comments/notes of a commit or issue
gl_connectionConnect to a specific gitlab instance API
gl_create_merge_requestCreate a merge request
gl_edit_issuePost a new issue or edit one
gl_get_commitsGet commits and diff from a project repository
gl_get_project_idGet a project id by name
gl_list_issuesGet issues of a project or user
gl_list_projectsList projects in Gitlab
gl_proj_reqCreate a project specific request
gl_push_fileUpload a file to a gitlab repository
gl_repositoryAccess to repository functions and files in Gitlab API
gl_shiny_loginShiny module to login to gitlab API
gl_to_issue_idTranslate projectwide issue id to global gitlab API issue id
iffApply a function if and only if test is TRUE
pipe_intoPipe into specific formal argument
set_gitlab_connectionGet/set a gitlab connection for all calls
update_gitlabr_codeConvert gitlabr legacy code to 0.7 compatible
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