Man pages for jjlynch2/OsteoSort
Osteo Sorting of Commingled Human Remains

add.alphaInternal function for adding alpha values to plots
analytical_temp_spaceInternal function to deal with temporary analytical directory...
antemortem_dataThis example data is in the format that .CSV templates should...
antestatantestat Input Function
antestat.inputantestat.input Input Function
antestat.regtestantestat.regtest Input Function
art.inputArticulation comparison Input Function
art.ttestArticulation comparison t-test Function
e_distEuclidean distance calculation between two matrices
efa2D and 3D EFA function
fragment_marginsfragment_margins function
hausdorff_disthausdorff distance function
i_efa2D and 3D inverse EFA function
lengthsortA function to sort by bone length
match.2dtwo-dimensional pair-match function
match.2d.invarianttwo-dimensional pair-match function
match.3dthree-dimensional pair-match function
metricsortA function to sort by bone metrics
m.rowMatch rows from different cols
outline.imagesoutline.images function
output_functionInternal function for output_options
pca_alignConducts PCA and returns scores
pm.inputPair-match Input Function
pm.ttestPair-match T.test Function
postmortem_dataThis example data is in the format that .CSV templates should...
randomstringA Random String Function
readtpsA function to import TPS data.
reg.inputreg.match Input Function
reg.multitestreg.test Input Function Function to produce combinations for...
remove_fragmented_marginshelper function to remove fragmented margins for Hausdorff
segmented_hausdorff_distsegmented hausdorff distance function
shiftmatricesNearest neighbor matrices shifting function
statsortA function estimate and sort by stature
writetpsA function to export TPS data.
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