Man pages for jkapila/vcvn
Variable Selection, Curve Fitting, Variable Conversion and Normalisation

aicAkaike Information Criterion Score Calculation
aucArear Under Curve Score Calculation
bicBayesian Information Criterion Score Calculation
binnerContineous Variable Binner
classificationErrorCalssification Error of a Categorical Variable
dummyColGenThe Dummy Column Generator
entropyGainEntropy Gain of a Categorical Variable
giniImpurityGini Impurity of a Categorical Variable
infoCategoryInformation for Categorical Variables
infoContinuousContinuous variable information
informationValueInformation Value of a Contineous Variable
loadDataWrapper for loading multiple files in coherent manner within...
maeMean Absolute Error Score Calculation
MakeRankedMatrixMaking varable selection based ranking matirx
mapeMean Absolute Percentage Error Score Calculation
normaliseNormalise the Vairables
predScoresPrediction Scoring
rmseRoot Mean Square Error Score Calculation
rsquaredR squared and Adjusted R squared Score Calculation
varVotingVoting Win method for variable selection and importance
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