Man pages for jknappe/quantitray
Convert Quanti-Tray results to MPN

catch_qt_errorsCatch input errors before using lookup tables
load_qt_lookuptableLoad data from QuantiTray lookup tables
quanti_51Conversion table from Quanti-Tray readings to MPN
quanti_96Conversion table from Quanti-Tray/Legiolert readings to MPN
quanti_97Conversion table from Quanti-Tray/2000 readings to MPN
quantify_95hiConvert IDEXX QuantiTray results to upper 95 % confidence...
quantify_95loConvert IDEXX QuantiTray results to lower 95 % confidence...
quantify_mpnConvert IDEXX QuantiTray results to MPN
quantitrayquantitray: Convert Quanti-Tray results to MPN.
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