Man pages for jknowles/ModelEWS
Wisconsin Dropout Early Warning System

assembleCohortCreate a training dataset for a single cohort
buildTrainingPoolBuild a pool of training observations for a grade level
checkCredsCheck credentials and open a channel. _You probably don't...
cleanDV.DEWSListClean up DV in a DEWSList for proper modeling
cleanTrainingPoolCleans the pooled training cases
cleanUpClean up the workspace after fitting models
constructModelsConstruct ensemble models from a data.frame of optional...
dewsBootstrapFunction to prepare the environment for model training and...
DEWScontrolSet up parameters to control the modelSearch and modelBuild...
DEWS_searchEvaluate and store model performance across a list of models
expectedGradCalculate expected graduation year
exportPredsA function to export the results of model predictions to a...
findBestThreshFind the best threshold for a model
findBinaryFind binary variables
findCohortYearsFind the years available for training based on grade level
findKeysFind database key variables
gatherDataConvert dataset to a model matrix suitable for training in...
gatherData.predConvert a dataset without a dependent variable
getCandidateMethodsBuild a list of methods to evaluate performance of
installPackagesInstall packages in a list, but do not load them
lds_connectConnect to Wisconsin DPI data systems
makeCredsMakes a properly formatted credential file
makeDEWSListConstruct a DEWSlist from a model matrix
modelSearchA wrapper function to simplify the DEWS search process
modelSearchResultsParse results of a model search
peerStatsCalculate school level peer attributes for a cohort dataset
postProcess.predPostprocessing of DEWS predictions
preProcess.DEWSListPreProcess DEWS list
preProcess.predPreprocess prediction cohort
pullCohortCreate a cohort set of students with full data
pullDemogPull down demographic data
pullDisciplinePull down discipline data
pullGradPull down graduation data
pullMobilityPull down mobility data
pullWSASPull down assessment data
pullWSNExtract a student WSN for crosswalk and matching purposes
rawPredsGenerate predictions for a new cohort of students using a...
scaleCenterScale and center a dataframe given a preProcessing object
smoteSMOTE the data for class balance?
unPreProcReverse pre-processing done by caret to a dataset
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