Man pages for jknowles/metaframe
Metadata for Dataframes

add_labelAdd a label to in R
add_noteAdd annotation information to data in R
add_revisionAdd revisions information to data in R
add_sourceAdd source information to data in R
add_unitAdd units information to data in R
candA subset of data from a 2015 study of school board elections...
codebookGeneric function to build a codebook from an R object
documentGeneric function to build a object data documentation class
metaframemetaframe: Provides methods for writing, reading, and...
metaframe-class"meta.frame" class
meta.summaryGeneric function to build summary data for a object
print.meta.dataPrint a summary of an '' object
print.metaframePrint a metaframe object
print.summary.meta.dataPrint a summary
shine_docLaunch a shiny app to document your data interactively
skeletonGeneric function to build a skeleton for codebook input from...
skel_readerRead in an external metadata file formatted by skeleton
str.meta.dataDisplay the structure of a object
str.metaframeDisplay the structure of a metaframe object
summary.meta.dataSummarize a
summary.metaframeSummarize a metaframe
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