Man pages for jlepird/raml
Algebraic Modeling Language for Linear and Integer Programs

AbstractRamlAlgObject-classAn abstract class that represents anything that conforms to...
AffineExpr-classA class that represents an affine combination of variables.
dotsVector inner products.
dualExtracts the dual value (shadow cost) of a constraint.
ModelCreate an optimization model.
raml-algebraNatural subsetting for indicies
ramlAlgObject-classAn abstract class that represents arrays or variables that...
ramlArray-classA class that represents a variable
ramlComparison-classA class that represents an affine combination of variables.
RAMLModelA class that holds all the necessary data to build a linear...
ramlVariable-classA class that represents a single variable
rsumHelper function to take sums over variable arrays.
show-AffineExpr-methodNice display for affine expressions.
show-ramlArray-methodNice display for arrays.
show-ramlComparison-methodNice display for algabraic comparisons.
show-ramlVariable-methodNice display for single variables.
valueA helper function that extracts the value of a variable.
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