Man pages for jlivsey/LatentGaussCounts
Integer-valued Time Series Models based on Gaussian Copula

acf.farima0d0Autocovariance function (ACVF) of FARIMA(0,d,0)
dgpoispdf of generalized poisson
dmixpoisdensity of mixed-Poisson distribution
farima.simSimulate from FARIMA(0,d,0)
gg() function from latentGaussCounts paper. Equation (23) from...
Hermite_polyHermite Polynomials
introInteger-valued Time Series Models based on Gaussian Copula
LGCLatent Gaussian Count model builder
mixpois.ar1Generate simulated mixed-Poisson-AR1 model
pgpoiscdf of generalized poisson
pmixpoisCDF of mixed-Poisson distribution
pois.farimaSimulate from Poisson-FARIMA(0,d,0) model
qmixpoisInverse CDF/Quantile function for mixed-Poisson distribution
rmixpoisGenerate random mixed-Poisson draws
sim_boxplotsSimulation boxplot function
sim_mixedpois_ar1Simulate from mixed-Poisson-AR1 model
sim_negbinom_ma1Simulate from NegativeBinomial-MA model
sim_pois_arSimulate from Poisson-AR1 model
sim_pois_maSimulate from Poisson-MA model
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