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rconjgrad: A package for conjugate gradient minimization with different line search methods.


Optimization is carried out via the conj_grad function. See its documentation for details. There is nothing terribly special about its implementation of conjugate gradient optimization. It is a translation of Matlab code originally written by Carl Edward Rasmussen, with some minor modifications to allow for different convergence criteria, and to reset to steepest descent under more conditions if desired, e.g. based on orthogonality tests or if the 'beta' update parameter becomes negative. However, unlike most other optimization packages, it is possible to provide a user-defined line search routine. Two implementations are currently available: the original Rasmussen code, and a modified version of the More'-Thuente method, originally implemented in MINPACK and translated into Matlab by Dianne O'Leary.

Line Search

A user-defined line search function can be passed to the line_search parameter of the conj_grad function (normally it takes a string argument indicating whether Rasmussen or More'-Thuente is to be used).

The line search function should have the following signature:

function(phi, step0, alpha)


The return value of the line search function should be a list containing:

The rasmussen and more_thuente factory functions both return suitable line search functions that meet these interface requirements when invoked with suitable parameters to do with Wolfe conditions and extrapolation and interpolation checks.

Line Function (Phi)

The line function, phi is a 1D function with the following signature:


where alpha is the step size. The return value is a list containing information about the function evaluated at that step size. See the 'Line Search Information (Step)' section for details.

Line Search Information (Step)

The step list contains information about the function value at a specific step length alone the line search. It consists of:

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