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Distance Metric Learning Algorithms for R

all_dmlsThe complete Distance Metric Learning algorithms list.
ANMMAverage Neighborhood Margin Maximization (ANMM).
as.integer_or_nullConverts object to integer, preserving the NULL value.
as.numeric_or_nullConverts object to numeric, preserving the NULL value.
as.type_or_nullConverts object to certain type, preserving the NULL value.
base_dmlsBase Distance Metric Learning algorithms.
classifiersDistance based classifiers.
console.logConsole log
dimensionality_reduction_dmlsThe Distance Metric Learning algorithms oriented to...
distance_clfThe distance classifiers global list.
dmlThe DML global list.
DML_eigDistance Metric Learning with Eigenvalue Optimization...
DMLMJDistance Metric Learning through the Maximization of the...
dml_multiplotMultiple DML plotting.
dml_plotterThe tune algorithms global list.
dml_tuneThe tune algorithms global list.
EuclideanEuclidean distance.
generic_dmlsGeneric Distance Metric Learning algorithms.
information_theory_based_dmlsThe Distance Metric Learning algorithms based on information...
ITMLInformation Theoretic Metric Learning (ITML).
KANMMThe kernelized version of ANMM.
KDAKernel Discriminant Analysis (KDA).
KDMLMJThe kernelized version of DMLMJ.
kernel_dmlsKernel Distance Metric Learning algorithms.
KLMNNThe kernelized version of LMNN.
kNNk-Nearest Neighbors (kNN).
knn_oriented_dmlsThe Distance Metric Learning algorithms oriented to k-NN...
knn_pairplotsDML pairplots with k-NN.
knn_plotDML plots with k-NN.
LDALinear Discriminant Analysis (LDA).
LDMLLogistic Discriminant Metric Learning (LDML).
LMNNLarge Margin Nearest Neighbors (LMNN).
LSILearning with Side Information (LSI).
MCMLMaximally Collapsing Metric Learning (MCML).
MetricBasic learning from a metric.
MultiDML_kNNMulti-DML k-NN
NCANeighborhood Component Analysis (NCA).
NCMCNearest Class with Multiple Centroids distance metric learner...
NCMC_ClassifierNearest Class with Multiple Centroids classifier.
NCMMLNearest Class Mean Metric Learning (NCMML).
ncm_oriented_dmlsThe Distance Metric Learning algorithms oriented to nearest...
non_supervised_dmlsNon supervised Distance Metric Learning algorithms. every numeric item in the list to integer.
PCAPrincipal Component Analysis (PCA).
plottersPlot functions for Distance Metric Learning.
rinitializeR DML objects initializer.
rinitialize_clfR classifiers initializer.
supervised_dmlsSupervised Distance Metric Learning algorithms.
TransformerBasic learning from a transformer.
tuneDML Tuning.
tune_knnDML Tuning with k-NN.
tunersDistance Metric Learning tune algorithms.
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