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Structural Summary Method with Bootstrap Confidence Intervals

circle_baseCreate an Empty Circular Plot
circle_plotCreate a Circular Plot of SSM Results
diff_plotCreate a Difference Plot of SSM Results
filterReturn rows with matching conditions
make_circularCoerce a variable to the circular data type
mutateAdd new variables
octantsAngular displacements for octant circumplex scales
param_diffCompute difference between two sets of SSM parameters
pipePipe operator
polesAngular displacements for pole circumplex scales
quadrantsAngular displacements for quadrant circumplex scales
renameRename variables by name
selectSelect variables by name
smart_quantileCalculate correct quantiles for circular and non-circular...
ssmssm: A package for computing Structural Summary Method...
ssm_bootstrapCalculate bootstrap confidence intervals given data and...
ssm_measuresCorrelational Structural Summary Method
ssm_measures_oneCorrelational Structural Summary Method
ssm_measures_twoCorrelational Comparison Structural Summary Method
ssm_parametersCalculate structural summary parameters
ssm_profilesMean Profile Structural Summary Method
ssm_profiles_oneMean Profile Structural Summary Method
ssm_profiles_twoMean Profile Comparison Structural Summary Method
unique_pairsEnumerate all unique pairwise combinations of a factor's...
wdCalculate difference between angular displacements around...
wright2009Standardized octant scores on hypothetical circumplex scales
zimmermann2017Large example dataset with IIP-SC and covariates
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