Man pages for jmgirard/ssm
Analysis and Visualization of Circular Data

anchorsDisplay the anchors of a circumplex instrument
aw2009Standardized octant scores on hypothetical circumplex scales
circumplex-packageAnalysis and visualization of circumplex data
csieInstrument: CSIE
csigInstrument: CSIG
csipInstrument: CSIP
csivInstrument: CSIV
fit_fisherFisher Test of equal axes
fit_gapGap Test of equal spacing
fit_randallTest circumplex fit using the RANDALL Concordance Index
fit_rtRotation Test of interstitiality
fit_vtVariance Test of indifference to rotation
ggsaveSave a ggplot with sensible defaults
html_renderFormat and render data frame as HTML table
iip32Instrument: IIP-32
iip64Instrument: IIP-64
iipscInstrument: IIP-SC
iis64Instrument: IIS-64
instrumentLoad a specific instrument object
instrumentsList all available instruments
ipipipcInstrument: IPIP-IPC
ipsatizeIpsatize circumplex items using deviation scoring across...
iscInstrument: ISC
itemsDisplay the items of a circumplex instrument
jz2017Raw octant scores on real circumplex scales with covariates
normsDisplay the norms for a circumplex instrument
octantsAngular displacements for octant circumplex scales
pipePipe operator
polesAngular displacements for pole circumplex scales
quadrantsAngular displacements for quadrant circumplex scales
scalesDisplay the scales of a circumplex instrument
scoreScore circumplex scales from item responses
ssm_analyzePerform analyses using the Structural Summary Method
ssm_appendCombine SSM tables
ssm_plotCreate a figure from SSM results
ssm_plot_circleCreate a Circular Plot of SSM Results
ssm_plot_contrastCreate a Difference Plot of SSM Contrast Results
ssm_tableCreate HTML table from SSM results or contrasts
standardizeStandardize circumplex scales using normative data
tidyevalTidy eval helpers
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