Man pages for jmhewitt/bisque
Approximate Bayesian Inference via Sparse Grid Quadrature Evaluation (BISQuE) for Hierarchical Models

createLocScaleGridCreate a centered and scaled sparse integration grid
dmixEvaluate a mixture density
emixCompute expectations via weighted mixtures
fursealsData from a capture-recapture study of fur seal pups
itxNamed inverse transformation functions
jac.expJacobian for exponential transform
jac.invlogitJacobian for logit transform
jac.logJacobian for log transform
jac.logitJacobian for logit transform
kComputeUse sparse grid quadrature techniques to integrate...
logjacWrapper to abstractly evaluate log-Jacobian functions for...
mergeParsMerge pre-computed components of f(theta1 | theta2, X)
sFitFit a spatially mean-zero spatial Gaussian process model
sKrigDraw posterior predictive samples from a spatial Gaussian...
txNamed transformation functions
wBuildDerive parameters for building integration grids
wMixConstruct a weighted mixture object
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