Man pages for jmmark/QuakeCoursera
Exploring the NOAA Significant Earthquake Database

clean_NOAAThe NOAA Significant Earthquake Database
eq_clean_dataClean the raw NOAA earthquake data to interface well with the...
eq_create_labelBuild an html label for earthquakes
eq_good_dateCombine the year, month, and day columns in the NOAA...
eq_location_cleanClean up location names in the NOAA earthquake database
eq_mapCreate an interactive map of historical earthquakes
geom_timelineA geom for adding a timeline plot
GeomTimelineCreate the ggproto object for geom_timeline
geom_timeline_labelA geom for labeling the timeline plot from 'geom_timeline'
GeomTimelineLabelCreate the ggproto object for geom_timeline_label
my_draw_key_circleAllow geom_timeline to draw a useful legend
stat_timelineThe stat to enable geom_timeline to use date ranges as...
StatTimelineCreate the ggproto object for stat_timeline
stat_timeline_labelThe stat to enable geom_timeline_label to use date ranges and...
StatTimelineLabelCreate the ggproto object for stat_timeline_label
title_caseConvert a string to Title Case
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