Man pages for jmousseau/solargis
Request SolarGIS data.

as_POSIXctConvert to POSIXct type.
coordinate_to_stateGet the fulll state for a coordinate.
coord_to_countryGet the ISO3 country code for a coordinate.
data_frameCreate a data frame.
days_between_inclusiveCalculate the number of days between two days, inclusive.
distance_betweenCalculate coordinate distance.
generate_date_block_indicesGenerate date block indices.
read_csvRead a SolarGIS CSV file.
remove_nasRemove 'NA's from array.
requestRequest SolarGIS data.
request_remoteRequest data from SolarGIS servers.
rest_datadelivery_urlCompose a SolarGIS REST Data Delivery URL.
subtract_date_rangesSubtract date ranges.
usage_callsGet the number of successful SolarGIS API calls.
usage_calls_remainingGet the number of remaining SolarGIS API calls.
usage_datadelivery_urlCompose a SolarGIS Usage Data Delivery URL.
usage_unitsGet the number of used SolarGIS units.
usage_units_remainingGet the number of remaining SolarGIS units.
write_metaWrite meta data.
write_site_dataWrite site data.
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