Man pages for jmp1989/easyr
Helpful wrappers for common EDA, Data Manipulation, & Modeling

ezr.add_binsAdd Bins
ezr.aucCalculate AUC from FPR/TPR or from Truth & Prediction
ezr.auc_plotAUC Plot
ezr.auditData Audit
ezr.binaryizeMake Numerical Data 0 or 1
ezr.capture_rate_dualCapture Dual Values at a time
ezr.collapse_binaryCollapse Binary Columns into Single Categorical Column
ezr.combine_filesTitle Concatenate Mutliple CSVs or Pipe txts into same...
ezr.compare_vectsCompare values in a vector/dataframe Compare the column names...
ezr.crosstabTitle Cross Tab (Table)
ezr.dot_plotDot Plot for Ranking
ezr.drop_constantDrop Constants
ezr.factorizeFactorize columns in data
ezr.filter_null_columnsTitle Drop Columns in a dataset with excessive NULLs
ezr.find_columns_containingFind Columns that contain particular values...such as Find...
ezr.fix_colnamesFix column names - replace spaces and periods
ezr.fix_POSIXCTDeal with POSIXCT fields
ezr.gainsliftGains, Lift, and KS Calculator
ezr.get_clf_metric_tableGet Threshold Classification Metric Table
ezr.get_col_indexGet Column Index positions
ezr.get_date_infoGet Date Information
ezr.get_dummiesGet dummy encoded columns
ezr.get_dummies_allMake all categorical columns one-hot-encoded
ezr.get_env_objectsList objects in environment
ezr.get_json_attributeGet A Specific Field in JSON
ezr.get_object_as_stringObject to String
ezr.groupby_metricGroup-by Metrics
ezr.group_infreqGroup Infrequent Values
ezr.h2o_basic_filterH2o Subset Rows
ezr.h2o_compare_clfTitle H2o Classifier Model Compare
ezr.h2o_compare_regrTitle H2o Regression Model Compare
ezr.h2o_factor_fixFactorize Variabels in h2o
ezr.h2o_gbm_gridGBM Grid Search
ezr.h2o_get_gridGet H2o Grid
ezr.h2o_get_gridmodelsGet H2o Grid/AutoMl Model IDs
ezr.h2o_get_thresholdsGet Threshold Metrics from h2o classification models
ezr.h2o_get_top_varsGet Top Variables from Model
ezr.h2o_glimpseH2O Version of Glimpse
ezr.h2o_glm_gridGLM Grid
ezr.h2o_grid_xgbXgboost Grid
ezr.h2o_merge_predsMerge H2o Predictions
ezr.h2o_model_saveTitle Save H2o Model Information
ezr.h2o_outliersAnomaly Detection - Deep Learning & Isolation
ezr.h2ovar_compareCompare Variable Importance Across Models
ezr.h2o_viewtreePrint H2o Tree
ezr.h2o_xgb_importance_aggregatedAggregate Importance by Level in H2o
ezr.imputeImpute values
ezr.json_to_dfJson to DF
ezr.make_idsTitle Create RowID by variables or for each row
ezr.make_rformulaR Formula Creation
ezr.map_datatypesConvert datatypes by lookup
ezr.missing_pctMissing Percent of Missing Values in a Dataframe
ezr.multi_line_plotMultiple Line Plots Same X Axis
ezr.null_countby_rowCounts of NULLs or NULL+Alt.Value by row
ezr.plot_against_targetPlot Number Against Binary Target
ezr.plot_aucAUC PLOT
ezr.plot_cum_densityTitle Plot Cumulative Amount of a Variable
ezr.plot_facet_numericalsFacet Plot Numericals
ezr.plot_gainslift_compareCompare Gainslift Using Multiple Predictors
ezr.plot_vs_timePlot a value over time
ezr.range01Transform a value from range 0 to 1
ezr.refresh_info_tblGet ezr function description in table
ezr.regr_evalRegression Evaluation Summary
ezr.rename_by_lookupTitle Rename Columns by Lookup
ezr.replaceReplace Values in a Dataframe
ezr.split_dataSplit Data
ezr.sql_safe_queryTitle Safe Query
ezr.sql_sample_queryTitle Sample Table Results
ezr.tbl_to_imageTable to Image
ezr.unquoted_cGet a quoted vector from an unquoted vector
grapes-not_in-grapesNot In
helloHello, World!
myh2o.filterH2o Subset Rows
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