Man pages for jmp75/rClr
Accessing the Common Language Runtime (.NET/Mono) from R

clrCallCall a method on an object
clrCallStaticCall a static method on a CLR type
clrCobjCreate a reference object wrapper around a CLR object
clrGetGets the value of a field or property of an object or class
clrGetConstructorsList the public constructors of a CLR Type
clrGetEnumNamesGets the names of a CLR Enum value type
clrGetExtPtrGets the external pointer CLR object.
clrGetFieldsList the instance fields of a CLR object
clrGetInnerPkgNameGets the inner name used for the package
clrGetLoadedAssembliesList the names of loaded CLR assemblies
clrGetMemberSignatureGets the signature of a CLI object member
clrGetMethodsList the instance methods of a CLR object
clrGetNativeLibNameGets the name of the native library currently loaded.
clrGetPropertiesList the instance properties of a CLR object
clrGetStaticFieldsGets the static fields for a type
clrGetStaticMembersGets the static members for a type
clrGetStaticMemberSignatureGets the signature of a static member of a type
clrGetStaticMethodsGets the static members for a type
clrGetStaticPropertiesGets the static members for a type
clrGetTypeGets the type of a CLR object given its type name
clrGetTypesInAssemblyGet a list of CLR type names exported by an assembly
clrInitInitialize a new CLR application domain
clrIsCheck whether an object is of a certain type
clrLoadAssemblyLoads a Common Language assembly.
clrNewCreate a new CLR object
clrReflectList the instance members of a CLR object
clrSetSets the value of a field or property of an object or class
clrSetEnumPropertySets the value of an enum field or property of an object or...
clrShutdownShuts down the current runtime.
clrToStringCalls the ToString method of an object
clrTracebackPrints the last CLR exception
clrTypenameGets the type name of an object
clrTypeNameExtPtrGets the type name of an object
clrVTGet the COM variant type of a CLR object
dotOnAttachrClr .onAttach
dotOnLoadrClr .onLoad
getClrVersionStringGets the version of the common language runtime in use
getCurrentConvertedObjectSystem function to get a direct access to an object
getNativeLibsPathArchitecture dependent path to the rClr native library
getSexpTypeGet the type code for a SEXP
inspectArgsPeek into the structure of R objects 'as seen from C code'
mkClrObjRefCreate if possible an S4 CLR object.
peekClrArgsPeek into the types of CLR objects arguments are converted to...
rClr-packageR accessing .NET/Mono
rToClrTypeGets the type of a CLR object resulting from converting an R...
setClrRefClassCreate reference classes for an object hierarchy
setConvertAdvancedTypesTurn on/off the conversion of advanced data types with R.NET
setRDotNetTurn on/off R.NET
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