Man pages for jmsigner/rhr
Reproducible Home Ranges with R

datSHTracking data of one red deer in Germany
hr_utilityFunctions to work with results of a home range estimate.
is.regularChecks if the track is regularly spaced in time.
overlapsDifferent Methods to calculate home-range overlaps (in alpha)
parametric_homerangesEstimation of parametric home ranges
plotTimePlot time
rasterFromXYVectCreate 'RasterLayer' from the extent of points.
rhrrhr: A package for analyzing animal movement data
rhr2mdMarkdown summary of Rhr* objections
rhrAICObtain the AIC of a parametric home-range
rhrAreaArea of a home-range estimate
rhrAsymptoteAsymptote of a home-range estimate
rhrBBMMBrownian Bridge Movement Model (BBMM)
rhrBBXReturns the bounding box of a 'RhrTrack*'
rhrBurstifyBurstify a track
rhrCheckDataCheck if valid data were provided
rhrCoreAreaEstimate Core Area
rhrCRSCoordinate Reference System (CRS) of a track
rhrCUDGeneric Function to calculate cumulative UD
rhrDataReturn Data
rhrHasTSChecks if the track has a time stamp.
rhrHasUDGeneric Function to check if an ud is present
rhrHcvEstimate bandwidth with likelihood cross validation
rhrHlscvCalculate a Bandwidth for Kernel Density Estimation
rhrHpiSelect a bandwidth for Kernel Density Estimation
rhrHrAnalysisFunction to run perform analyses and save results to...
rhrHrefSelect a bandwidth for Kernel Density Estimation
rhrHrefScaledSelect a bandwidth for Kernel Density Estimation
rhrInterpolateInterpolate missing points
rhrIsoplethsIsopleths of Home Range Estimate
rhrKDEKernel Density Estimation (KDE)
rhrLevelsLevel(s) of Home Range Estimate
rhrLoCoHLocal Convex Hull (LoCoH)
rhrMapFieldsMap information to columns
rhrMCPMinimum Convex Polygon (MCP)
rhrMetaExtract meta data from a track
rhrNNumber of relocations in a track.
rhrNSDNet squared deplacement
rhrOUSimulate movement with home ranging behavior as an...
rhrPointsExtract relocations from a track.
rhrPrettyAreaPrint home-range areas in a pretty way
rhrPrettyArgsDisplay Arguments of a Function in 'rmd'
rhrRasterFromExtCreate a raster
rhrReadDataread separator; delimited text files
rhrRegularizeRegularizes a trajectory
rhrRWSimulate a random walk in 2D.
rhrSchoenerSchoener's ratio
rhrSegmentsExtract segments from a track.
rhrSiteFidelityTest for site fidelity of animal movement.
rhrSplitSplit a track
rhrTimesExtract time stamps from a track.
rhrTrackCreate objects of class 'RhrTrack' to represent animal...
rhrTrackDataReturns data of a RhrTrack* object.
rhrTrackTimeWorking with timestamps
rhrTTSIEstimate Time To Statistical Independence (TTSI)
rhrTuningParameterTuning parameter of Home Range Estimate
rhrUDUtilization distribution
rhrWithinSpatial subset of a track
rhrWithinTimeTemporal subset of a track
trackSAnimal track without time.
trackSTAnimal track with time.
trackSTRAnimal track with regularly spaced time.
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