Man pages for jmsuk0587/rFSA
Feasible Solution Algorithm for Finding Best Subsets and Interactions

adj.r.squaredAn rFSA Criterion Function.
apressAn rFSA Criterion Function.
bdistAn rFSA Criterion Function.
fitmodelsModel fitting function for FSA solutions
fitted.FSAFitted Values for FSA solutions
glmFSArFSA: Feasible Solution Algorithm (FSA) for Generalized...
int.p.valAn rFSA Criterion Function.
list.criterionList all included Criteria function for lmFSA and glmFSA.
lmFSArFSA: Feasible Solution Algorithm (FSA) for Linear Models
nextswapVariables to include in the >1st step of an mth order...
plot.FSADiagnostic Plots for FSA solutions
predict.FSAPrediction function for FSA solutions
print.FSAPrinting function for FSA solutions
rmseAn rFSA Criterion Function.
r.squaredAn rFSA Criterion Function.
rstartRandom starts with m variables
summary.FSASummary function for FSA solutions
swapsVariables to include in first steip of an mth order...
which.max.naAn rFSA Internal Function.
which.min.naAn rFSA Internal Function.
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