Man pages for jmw86069/jambio
Analysis and Visualization of Gene Splice Variants and Transcriptome Data

bgaPlotly3dCreate an interactive 3-D BGA plotly visualization
codonUsage2dfMake codon usage data.frame
defineDetectedTxDefine detected transcripts
detectedTxInfoSummarize detected transcript results
df2colorSubConvert data.frame to categorical colors
dfWide2segmentsConvert data.frame to plotly line segment format
dna2codonConvert DNA to 3-base codons
factor2labelConvert factor to a factor label
geomeanClassical geometric mean
helloHello, World!
intercalateIntercalate list values into a vector
jamCaiCalculate Codon Adaptation Index
jamGeomeanModified geometric mean for positive and negative values
list2imConvert list to incidence matrix
makeTx2geneFromGtfMake tx2gene data.frame from a GTF file
shrinkMatrixShrink numeric matrix by groups of rows
spline3dCalculate a spline curve fit in 3-D
tx2aletx2ale: detect alternative last exons (ALE) from transcript...
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