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Researcher Degrees of Freedom Analysis

calculate_weighted_estimateCalculate Weighted Estimate
check_choiceCheck Design Step Choice
define_designDefine Your Research Design and Create Code Directory with...
exhaust_designExhaust all Researcher Degrees of Freedom
plot_rdf_estimate_densityPlot Researcher Degrees of Freedom Estimates' Density
plot_rdf_estimates_by_choicePlot Estimates by Choice
plot_rdf_ridges_by_dchoicePlot Estimate Ridge Lines by Discrete Choice
plot_rdf_spec_curvePlot the Specification Curve of your Researcher Degrees of...
prepare_design_documentationDocument your Research Design in a PDF File
prepare_design_flow_chartPrepare A Flow Chart of Your Research Design
simulate_design_powerUse Simulated Data to Test the Power of Your Research Design
source_designSource the R Files that Contain the Design Steps
test_designTest Design for Code Consistency
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