Man pages for jobonaf/pesco
Data fusion for air quality data

aqstat.functionsFunctions to calculate Air Quality indicators
boxcoxBox-Cox transformation
char.functionsFunctions to manage strings
daily_synthesisDaily AQ indicators
date.functionsFunctions to manage dates
elevationEmilia-Romagna topography
emissionsEmissions of PM10 and NO2 in Emilia-Romagna
geo.functionsGeographical functions
InterpInterpolates spatial data
krigingTrans-Gaussian kriging
NO2.obsObserved NO2 data in Emilia-Romagna
pesco-packageData fusion for air quality data
PM10.ctmConcentrations of PM10 simulated by a Chemistry-Transport...
PM10.obsObserved PM10 data in Emilia-Romagna
populationEmilia-Romagna population
prepare.functionsFunctions to prepare input for 'kriging'
read.functionsRead data as provided by Arpa-ER
time.functionsFunctions to manage time
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