Man pages for joekirincic/RHyper
A DBI interface for Tableau's Hyper Data Engine.

dbAttachDatabase-HyperConnection-character-character-methodAdd a Hyper database to the current Hyper process.
dbDetachDatabase-HyperConnection-character-methodRemove a Hyper database from the current Hyper process.
dbDisconnect-HyperConnection-methodTerminate a Hyper Connection.
dbFetch-HyperResult-methodRetrieve records from Hyper query
dbGetRowsAffected-HyperResult-methodRetrieve records from Hyper query
dbSendQuery-HyperConnection-methodSend a query to Hyper.
helloHello, World!
HyperConnection-classHyper connection class.
HyperDriver-classDriver for Hyper database.
HyperResult-classHyper results class.
in_databaseRefer to a table in a specific database.
pipePipe operator
show-HyperConnection-methodShow details about a Hyper Connection.
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