Man pages for jofie/DistCov
Functions for distance correlations

centmatCalculate a centralized version of the distance matrix.
dcsisCalculate the distance covariance
distcorrCalculates the distance correlation
distcovCalculate the distance covariance
distcov.fastCalculate an unbiased estimate of the squared distance...
distcovmatrixCalculate the distance covariance
distcov.testPerforms a distance covariance test
distmatCalculate the distance matrix of a given vector and a given...
distvarCalculates the distance variance
distvar.fastCalculate an unbiased estimate of the squared distance...
extract_npExtract the dimensions of X.
gausskernelCalculate the Gaussian kernel matrix for a given vector.
mrootCalculate the square root of a semi-positive definite matrix.
PartialSum2DCalculate partial sums
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