Man pages for joheli/yea13
Identification of Putative Clusters in Surveillance Data According to Algorithm by Ypma et al.

cluster.searchSearch for putative clusters
dissTransform distance or dissimilarity object to Ypma...
e_cloacaeSurveillance dataset of Enterobacter cloacae
graph2effdistCalculate effective distances between nodes of a graph
k_pneumoniaeSurveillance dataset of Klebsiella pneumoniae
mx.expandExpand a square dissimilarity matrix
s_aureusSurveillance dataset of Staphylococcus aureus
units_effdistMatrix of effective distances between wards.
units_igraphNetwork graph of 78 units of a hospital trust consisting of...
y.clustIdentify putative clusters
ypma.dissCalculate Ypma dissimilarities for type, time, and unit
zero.noiseAdd random noise to zero values in square matrix
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