Man pages for johndharrison/wikipediatrend
Public subject attention via Wikipedia page access statistics.

chunkHelper function that splits vector into chunks of specific...
wp_check_date_inputsHelper function for 'wp_trend()'
wp_datePackage specific 'as.Date()' function
wp_dayFunction to extract the day
wp_expand_tsHelper function for wp_trend that transforms a time span into...
wp_extract_dataHelper function for wp_trend
wp_friendly_loadHelper function for wp_trend that loads previous saved...
wp_friendly_saveHelper function for wp_trend
wp_monthFunction to extract the month
wp_trendFunction for getting access statistics for wikipedia pages
wp_wdayFunction to extract the day of the week
wp_yearFunction to extract the year
wp_yearmonthfunction for getting year and month of a timestamp
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