Man pages for johnjosephhorton/techbios
Tools for working with LinkedIn biographical data for people working in tech.

EntrepreneurCompaniesWorkedForCompanies that YC and TC entrepreneurs have worked for
StanfordCSgradsPhDReturns a database of Stanford CS PhDs with details on career...
StanfordCSPhDGradsCareerChoicesIndividual choices about careers
StanfordCSPhDGradsCareerHistoriesReturns a plot of fraction of career trajectories.
StanfordCSPhDGradsOccChoicePerYearReturns a plot of fraction of Stanford CS PhD grads choosing...
StanfordCSPhDGradsPerYearReturns a plot of the count of Stanford CS PhD graduates per...
StanfordCSPhDGradsTimelineReturns a plot of timeline for a single graduate
StartupsPerCohortNumber of startups per cohort
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