Man pages for johnmchambers/shakespeare
Tools for XML-based Analysis of Shakespeare's Plays

Act_Python-classPython Class for an Act
allFieldStringsList of the Distinct String Values for a Specified Python...
Element_Python-classProxy for Python Class Element in Module...
ElementTree_Python-classProxy for Python Class ElementTree in Module...
findPlayGet a Play as a Parsed XML Object
getActsPython List of all Acts of a Play
getPersonaePython Dictionary of the Speakers in a List of Speeches
getPlay_PythonPython Function to Parse XML File for Play
getScenesPython List of all Scenes of a Play
getSpeeches_PythonPython List of all Speeches of a Play (or Act or Scene)
installPlaysInstall Parsed Plays and Speeches Lists
parseXMLPython Function to Parse XML File
Play-classA Class for the Python/XML Version of a Play
playDatesEstimated Dates for Specified Plays
playTitlesTitles of Shakespeare's Plays and Corresponding Keys
printSpeechesPrint a List of Speeches or Speech Fragments
Scene_Python-classPython Class for a Scene
searchSpeechesList of Lines Matching Specified Text in a List of Speeches
shakespeareStructure and Tools for Text Analysis of Shakespeare's Plays
speakersPython List of the Persons Listed for the Play
speechFragmentsList of Speeches Constructed with Fragments
SpeechList-classClass for Python List of Speech objects
Speech_Python-classPython Class for a Speech
speechTokensVectors of Tokens for all Speeches According to Speaker
speechTokens_PythonA Python Dictionary of all Speeches by Speaker
tokensContents of Speeches Tokenized
tokens_PythonSpeeches Tokenized in a Python Dictionary by Speaker
wordsUsedPython List of the Distinct Words in a List of Tokens
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