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Prepare Demographic Data

date_to_age_group_birthsConvert dates to age groups when measuring fertility
date_to_age_group_customConvert dates to customized age groups
date_to_age_group_lifetabConvert dates to age groups used in abridged life table
date_to_age_group_monthConvert dates to one-month age groups
date_to_age_group_multiConvert dates to multi-year age groups
date_to_age_group_quarterConvert dates to one-quarter age groups
date_to_age_group_yearConvert dates to one-year age groups
date_to_cohort_customConvert dates to customized cohorts
date_to_cohort_monthConvert dates to one-month cohorts
date_to_cohort_multiConvert dates to multi-year cohorts
date_to_cohort_quarterConvert dates to one-quarter cohorts
date_to_cohort_yearConvert dates to one-year cohorts
date_to_period_customConvert dates to customized periods
date_to_period_monthConvert dates to one-month periods
date_to_period_multiConvert dates to multi-year periods
date_to_period_quarterConvert dates to one-quarter periods
date_to_period_yearConvert dates to one-year periods
date_to_triangle_birthsConvert dates to Lexis triangles used when measuring...
date_to_triangle_monthConvert dates to one-month Lexis triangles
date_to_triangle_multiConvert dates to multi-year Lexis triangles
date_to_triangle_quarterConvert dates to one-quarter Lexis triangles
date_to_triangle_yearConvert dates to one-year Lexis triangles
demprepdemprep: Tools for preparing demographic data
dtabs_surveyCross-tabulation with weighted survey data
make_labels_age_groupMake labels for age groups measured in years
make_labels_age_group_monthMake labels for age groups measured in months
make_labels_age_group_quarterMake labels for age groups measured in quarters
make_labels_cohortMake labels for cohorts measured in years
make_labels_cohort_monthMake labels for cohorts lengths of one month
make_labels_cohort_quarterMake labels for cohorts with lengths of one quarter
make_labels_enumMake labels for general numeric quantities
make_labels-internalInternal functions for making labels
make_labels_periodMake labels for periods measured in years
make_labels_period_monthMake labels for periods lengths of one month
make_labels_period_quarterMake labels for periods with lengths of one quarter
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