Man pages for johnson-shuffle/mixtape
Data for Causal Inference: The Mixtape by Scott Cunningham

acemogluetalColonial dataset
ajrcommentColonial dataset (2)
basqueTerrorism dataset
cardSchooling and earnings dataset
castle_doctrine_2000_2010Castle doctrine dataset
coalIVCoal dataset
cornwellCrime dataset
cps_controlsCurrent Population Survey (CPS) dataset
fishFish dataset
lalonde_1986NSW dataset
leoka2004LEOKA dataset (2004)
leoka2005LEOKA dataset (2005)
lmb_dataVoting and ideology dataset
margin_victoryMargin of victory dataset
nsw_dwNSW dataset
psid_controlsPanel Survey of Income Dynamics (PSID) dataset
smokingSmoking dataset
star_swSTAR dataset
texasTexas dataset
titanicTitanic dataset
titanic3Titanic dataset (3)
ucr2004UCR dataset (2004)
ucr2005UCR dataset (2005)
yulePaupers dataset
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