Man pages for jonasbhend/NRMgraphics
Graphics and analysis for the NRM projections project

addWatermarkAdd water mark
allAustraliaAustralian overview plots
allWorldGiorgi regions overview plots
alt_barprojPlot grouped projection bars with inner shading
downscaling_scatterplotScatterplot of downscaled vs. GCM data
NRMcoloursNRM colours
nrmexampleNRM test data for plots
NRMgraphicsGraphics and analysis for the NRM projections project
nrmregionsNRM region boundaries
plotcolbarFunction to add a single coloured bars
plot_methbarsProjection bars grouped by method
plot_projbarsBarplots of projected changes
plot_timeseriesPlot time series (plume)
projbarAdd multiple projections bars (with extensions)
regtxtNRM region names
scennamesNRM scenario names
seastxtNRM season names
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