Man pages for jonataseduardo/diverdt

get_peaksReturn the windows and the SNPs with the higest sginificance...
load_bim_frqCreate data.table with CHR, SNP, POS, AF, POP columns
maf_filterFilter from data set SNPs with MAF bellow a threshold
make_one_allele_perlineTransform data from one SNP per line to one variant per line
manhattan_plotDraw a manhattan plot from data
pbs_fstEstimate the population branch size of for every SNP
rolling_index_by_snp_numberReturn the index based in the number of SNPs for rolling...
rolling_mean_nEvaluete the sliding window mean
rolling_median_nEvaluete the sliding window meadian
rolling_moran_nEvaluete the sliding window Moran statistics
wc_fstEstimate the FST using the Wier-Cockerhan formula
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