Man pages for jonclayden/mmand
Mathematical Morphology in Any Number of Dimensions

binariseBinarise a numeric array
binaryCheck for a binary array
componentsFind connected components
displayDisplay a 2D image
filtersApply a filter to an array
gameOfLifeConway's Game of Life
gaussianSmoothSmooth a numeric array with a Gaussian kernel
kernelsKernel-generating functions
morphMorph an array with a kernel
morphologyStandard mathematical morphology operations
neighbourhoodGet neighbourhood information for an array
resampleResample an array
sampleKernelFunctionSampling and plotting kernels
skeletoniseSkeletonise a numeric array
sketchShow an ASCII art representation of a 2D image or matrix
symmetricCheck for a symmetric array
thresholdThreshold a numeric array or vector
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