Man pages for jonocarroll/ggghost
Capture the Spirit of Your 'ggplot2' Calls

ggghostggghost: Capture the spirit of your ggplot calls
grapes-g-less-than-grapesBegin constructing a ggghost cache
identify_dataIdentify the data passed to ggplot
is.ggghostReports whether x is a ggghost object
minus-ggghostRemove a call from a ggghost object
plus-ggghostAdd a New ggplot Component to a ggghost Object
print.ggghostCollect ggghost calls and produce the ggplot output
reanimateBring a ggplot to life (re-animate)
recover_dataRecover data Stored in a ggghost object
subset.ggghostExtract a subset of a ggghost object
summary.ggghostList the calls contained in a ggghost object
supp_dataInspect the supplementary data attached to a ggghost object
supp_data-setAttach supplementary data to a ggghost object
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