Man pages for jonotuke/HMMCPP
Implementation of HMM package in Rcpp

get_diffget distance between two equal size matrices.
get_sym_lookupfunction to create a look up table of symbols
helloHello, World!
level_to_symtakes observations of states 0 to N - 1 and returns symbols
make_logTakes numeric matrix and returns log of each element
Rcpp_backwardImplementation of backward algo in Rcpp
Rcpp_baum_welchImplementation of Baum Welch to get parameters for HMM
Rcpp_baum_welch_recursingle step for BW.
Rcpp_forwardImplementation of forward algo in Rcpp
Rcpp_forward_backwardImplementation of forward backwards algo in Rcpp
Rcpp_sampleSample from levels 0 to m-1 weighted by prob
Rcpp_viterbiImplementation of Viterbi algo in Rcpp
Rcpp_viterbi_trainingImplementation of Viterbi training to get parameters for HMM
Rcpp_viterbi_training_recursingle step
sim_HMMSimulates a HMM for the given elements
sym_to_levelsConverts a series of observations that are state symbols and...
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