Man pages for jonotuke/examMarking
code for exam marking

add_marksadd marks in exam.
compare_normcompare norm
convert_EX_dfTakes a data frame of marks and regular expression and...
convert_EX_vectakes a vector of marks with exemptions and converts the...
convert_gradesconvert integer marks to grades
E_totalAdds summary table of exam marks
get_Glonek_normNormalizes using Glonek function
get_meantakes data frame and regular expression and calculates the...
get_prop_dfGet proportions for dataframe.
get_prop_vecCalculates the proportion for each mark in a vector.
get_totaltakes data frame and regular expression and calculates the...
helloHello, World!
marksSimulated data
pipePipe operator
plot_assessmentPlots the assessment for each student
plot_examPlots the exam questions to look for seperation
Q_totalAdds question total to exam
self-pipeSelf-Pipe operator
SPIData for previous SPI subject
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