Man pages for joranE/statskier2
Statistical Skier Tools

add_plot_dayAdd Collapsed Integer Days For Plotting
ath_plot_dstSprint & Distance Results Plots By Athlete
bs_madsBootstrap MAD
bs_medianBootstrap Median
bs_quantileBootstrap Quantiles
bs_top_nBootstrap Average of Top n Values
db_xc_localManually Create Database Connections
dev_cohortAthlete Development Trend
dst_elo_dataGenerate ELO Distance Input Data
extract_all_capsExtract All Cap Words
fill_missing_urlFill Missing URLs
find_racesFind Races
find_skierSimple Fuzzy Searching By Partial Name
ggbumpimportFrom tidyr gather
hth_dstHead-to-head Plots & Data
hth_lmerAssess Head-to-Head Performance Using lmer Model
hth_raceHead-to-Head Against Skiers in a Specific Race
insert_race_urlInsert Race URLs
lag_best_avgLagged Average of Top Results
lag_best_nLagged Best N Values
missing_race_urlRaces With Missing URLs
mpbRaw Median Percent Back
nation_trendPerformance Trends By Nation
open_race_urlOpen Race URL in Browser
pts_threshFIS Point Threshold Necessary to Raise/Lower Athlete's Point
race_snapshot_dstRace Snapshots
read_start_listScrape Race Start Lists
recent_racesRecent Races
season_to_dateConvert season string to date
shorten_namesShorten Skier Names
spr_elo_dataGenerate ELO Sprint Input Data
spr_plotSprint Results Plot
ss_queryQuery XC Results Database
standardize_mpbStandardized Median Percent Back
update_race_urlUpdate Race URLs
wjc_u23_plotWJC & U23 History Plots
xc_queryGeneral query function
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