Man pages for josegallegos07/aceR
Tools for processing ACE data

ace_headerACE column name constants
ace_moduleACE module constants
ace_procsACE/SEA module procs
aceR_descriptionaceR description
aceR_lib_pathaceR package path
aceR_methodsaceR methods
aceR_sample_data_pathaceR sample data path
aceR_versionaceR version
ace_turnsAverage of the last n "turn around trials" - a correct trial...
export_csvExport CSV
export_plotExport plot
files_in_directoryList the files in a directory/folder
get_all_percentilesGet ALL percentiles for available ACE metrics
get_compositesGet composite ACE scores across module
get_percentileGet percentile for ONE ACE metric
identify_moduleIdentify ACE module from filename
identify_turnsIdentify turn trials
load_ace_bulkRead & Load all ACE csv & xls files in a directory
load_ace_demographicsLoad demographics file from source
load_ace_fileReads raw ACE data from a file.
load_filesLoad all files in a directory as a data frame
load_sea_bulkRead & Load all SEA csv files in a directory
load_sea_fileReads raw SEA data from a file.
make_directoryMake a directory
numeric_row_namesNumeric row names
post_clean_chanceScrub processed data with below-chance accuracy
post_clean_low_trialsScrub processed data with too few trials
post_reduce_colsSubset columns from processed ACE/SEA modules
proc_by_moduleProcess ACE/SEA data by module
read_sea_csvBecause the "Reading Fluency" module has some cells with...
remove_empty_colsRemove empty columns from a data frame.
remove_empty_rowsRemove empty rows from a data frame.
remove_rowsRemove specified rows from a data frame
replace_empty_valuesReplaces empty values in one column with the values of...
sea_headerSEA column name constants
sea_moduleSEA module constants
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