Man pages for josegallegos07/steamR
An interface to Steam's Web API

get_app_listGet the complete app list
get_friend_listGet User's friend list
get_global_achievement_percentages_for_appGet Global Achievement Percentages for App
get_jsonGet JSON from URL
get_news_for_appGet news for an app
get_owned_gamesGet a User's Owned Games
get_player_achievementsGet a Player's Achievements
get_player_bansGet Player Bans
get_player_summariesGet Player Summaries
get_recently_played_gamesGet Recently Played Games
get_schema_achievementsGet Game's Achievements
get_schema_for_gameGet Schema for Game
get_schema_nameGet Game's Name
get_schema_statsGet Game Achivement Stats
get_schema_versionGet Game's Version Number
get_steam_id_64Get a 64-bit Steam ID
get_user_stats_for_gameGet User Stats For Game.
is_playing_shared_gameIs Playing Shared Game
steam_api_argsSteam Web API service definition argument constants
steam_api_service_definitionsSteam Web API service definition constants
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