Man pages for joshua-ruf/fidelis
Automate Data Reporting

add_var_colsAdd Variance Columns for 3612 Reports
aggregate_allAggregate a data.frame and create 'ALL' values
auto_arima_cvCross Validation Auto ARIMA
backwards_maBackwards Looking Moving Average Function
comma.Formatting Large Currency Values
currency.Formatting Large Comma Values
dummyCreate Binary Variables
greenplum_connectSetup Greenplum Database Connection
names_withEasily Select Elements from a Character Vector
NAto0Convert NAs to Zero in data.table
n_topReturn the Top n values of a data.frame
pct_changePercent Change Without Div by 0 Error
queryExecute Dynamic PostgreSQL Queries
red_green_bars.Red/Green Color Bars
red_green_text.Red/Green Font Formatters
red_green_tiles.Red/Green Tile Formatters
rmarkdown_setupRmarkdown Page and Column Setup, and Line Breaks!
send_to_databaseSave a data.frame to Greenplum
set_datesCreate a data.table with 3,6,9,12 month periods
split_lineSplit a Character String Across 2 Lines
usdateConvert Date to USA style date
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