Man pages for josiahpjking/jkr
Various functions I occasionally need.

create_proptableproportion tibbles
dot-rsquared.glmmMarginal and conditional r-squared for glmm given fixed and...
family_link.stopstop execution if unable to calculate variance for a given...
ggCaterpillarcaterpillar plot for mixed effects models borrowed (stolen)...
grid_arrange_shared_legendgrid arrange (from gridExtra) with common legend
lm.beta.lmerequivalent of lm.beta for mixed models.
make_tcplot_datatime course plots for eye tracking
mroundrounding to the nearest
read_from_driveread's csv from drive file.
rowSums_narowSums with na.rm = TRUE except for when all cols = NAs...
r.squaredR-squared and pseudo-rsquared for (generalized) linear...
rsquared.glmmR-squared and pseudo-rsquared for a list of (generalized)...
r.squared.lmMarginal r-squared for lm objects
r.squared.lmeMarginal and conditional r-squared for lme objects
r.squared.merModMarginal and conditional r-squared for merMod objects
tcplottime course plots for eye tracking
tcplot_nolinestime course plots for eye tracking
t.statextract t values for fixed effects of lmer object
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