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A Toolbox for Public Health and Epidemiology

bar_errorBar charts with error bars.
BernardSurvival of patients with sepsis.
bland_altmanBland-Altman agreement plots.
box_plotConstruct "pretty" box plots in lattice.
BrennerPrevalence of Helicobacter pylori infection in preschool...
bstBootstrap Confidence Intervals.
chisq.fisherInternal test for chi-squared assumption.Fisher (2 by 2). If...
coef_detCoefficient of determination.
coef_plotPlot of model coefficients.
contingencyMeasures of association from two by two contingency tables...
contingency2Measures of association from two by two contingency tables...
diag_testDiagnostic tests from variables.
diag_test2Diagnostic tests from direct input.
estatDescriptive statistics for continuous variables.
expand_dfExpand a data frame.
FentressMigraine pain reduction.
freq_contRelative and Cumulative Frequency.
gen_bst_dfGenerate a data frame with estimate and bootstrap CIs.
geo_meanGeometric mean.
glm_coefTable of coefficients from generalised linear models.
harm_meanHarmonic mean.
hist_normHistogram with Normal density curve.
HodgkinT-cell counts from Hodgkin's disease patients.
inv_logitInverse of the logit
jack_knifeRanks leverage observations from Jackknife method.
KirkwoodBody weight and plasma volume.
knife_meanJackknife for means.
logistic_gofGoodness of fit for Logistic Regression.
MacmahonBreast cancer and age of childbirth.
mhorMantel-Haenszel odds ratio.
odds_trendFunction to calculate OR using Wald CI, and plot trend.
OnchoOnchocerciasis in Sierra Leone.
panel.errbarsInternal function for displaying error bars in lattice plots.
panel.errbars1Internal function for displaying error bars in lattice plots.
predict_invGiven y solve for x in a simple linear model.
prop_orProportion, p1 from proportion p2 and OR.
pseudo_r2Pseudo R2 (logistic regression) 'pseudo_r2' Calculates R2...
qq_plotQuantile-quantile plots against the standard Normal...
rank_influenceRanks observations based upon influence measures on models.
rank_leverageRanks observations by leverage.
reference_rangeReference range (reference interval).
rel_disRelative Dispersion.
RobertsExtracorporeal membrane oxygenation in neonates.
RothmanOral contraceptives and stroke.
round_pvalRounding p-values.
rvf_plotResidual vs Fitted plot.
SandlerPassive smoking in adulthood and cancer risk.
SharplesMeasured and self-reported weight in New Zealand.
ss_jkSum of squares for Jackknife.
stats_quotesInternal function to calculate descriptive statistics.
strip_errorStrip plots with error bars.
ThallRCT on the treatment of epilepsy.
TuzsonPeak knee velocity in walking at flexion and extension.
VanderpumpSmoking and mortality in Whickham, England.
xymultipleMultiple comparisons with plot.
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