API for jotsetung/xcmsExtensions
Extensions to the xcms package

Global functions
$,MSslice-method Man page
CompoundidFilter Man page Source code
CompoundidFilter-class Man page
MSdata Man page Source code
MSdata-class Man page
MSslice Man page Source code
MSslice-class Man page
MSsliceList Man page Source code
MSsliceList-class Man page
MassrangeFilter Man page Source code
MassrangeFilter-class Man page
SimpleCompoundDb Man page Source code
SimpleCompoundDb-class Man page
[,MSslice,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[,MSsliceList,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[[,MSslice,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[[,MSsliceList,ANY,ANY-method Man page
adductmz2mass Man page Source code
adductmz2mass,numeric-method Man page
aggregateWithBins Source code
aggregateWithIntervals Source code
as.data.frame,SimpleCompoundDb-method Man page
as.matrix,MSdata-method Man page
assayData,MSslice-method Man page
assayData<-,MSslice,ANY-method Man page
assayData<-,MSslice-method Man page
binMid Source code
binMz Man page Source code
binMz,MSdata-method Man page
binMz,MSslice-method Man page
binMzRtime Man page
binMzRtime,MSdata-method Man page
binMzRtime,MSslice-method Man page
binMzSlow Source code
binMzUnsorted Source code
binRtime Man page Source code
binRtime,MSdata-method Man page
binRtime,MSslice-method Man page
binRtimeSlow Source code
bracketMSsliceSubset Source code
bracketSubset Source code
buildRangeQuery Source code
checkElementIndices Source code
chromatogram,MSdata-method Man page
column,CompoundidFilter,SimpleCompoundDb,character-method Man page
column,CompoundidFilter,SimpleCompoundDb,missing-method Man page
column,CompoundidFilter,missing,missing-method Man page
column,MassrangeFilter,SimpleCompoundDb,character-method Man page
column,MassrangeFilter,SimpleCompoundDb,missing-method Man page
column,MassrangeFilter,missing,missing-method Man page
columns,SimpleCompoundDb-method Man page
compounds Man page
compounds,SimpleCompoundDb-method Man page
condition,CompoundidFilter-method Man page
condition,MassrangeFilter-method Man page
condition<-,CompoundidFilter-method Man page
condition<-,MassrangeFilter-method Man page
conditionToSQL Source code
createSimpleCompoundDb Source code
dbconn,SimpleCompoundDb-method Man page
dbracketMSsliceSubset Source code
doGetData Source code
doGetMSdata Source code
doListTables Source code
getBins Source code
getChrom Source code
getChromList Source code
getChromatogram Man page
getChromatogram,MSdata-method Man page
getChromatogram,MSslice-method Man page
getData Man page
getData,xcmsRaw,MatrixOrNull,MatrixOrNull,MatrixOrNull-method Man page
getData,xcmsRaw,NumericOrNull,NumericOrNull,NumericOrNull-method Man page
getData,xcmsRaw-method Man page
getSpec Source code
getSpecList Source code
getSpectrum Man page
getSpectrum,MSdata-method Man page
getSpectrum,MSslice-method Man page
grow Man page
grow,matrix-method Man page
grow,numeric-method Man page
intensity,MSdata-method Man page
intensity<- Man page
intensity<-,MSdata-method Man page
intrange Man page
intrange,MSdata-method Man page
intrange,MSslice-method Man page
intrange,MSsliceList-method Man page
intranges Man page
intranges,MSsliceList-method Man page
length,MSslice-method Man page
length,MSsliceList-method Man page
list2mat Source code
listTables Man page
listTables,SimpleCompoundDb-method Man page
mapMatrix Man page
mapMatrix,MSdata-method Man page
mass2adductmz Man page Source code
mass2adductmz,numeric-method Man page
matrix2msmap Source code
msData Man page
msData,MSslice-method Man page
msData,xcmsRaw-method Man page
msData2mapMatrix Source code
msData2mapSparseMatrix Source code
msMap,xcmsRaw-method Man page
msSlice Man page
msSlice,MSdata-method Man page
msSlice,list-method Man page
msSlice,xcmsRaw-method Man page
msSlice,xcmsSet-method Man page
multiMatchMzMatrix Source code
multiMatchMzNumeric Source code
mz,MSdata-method Man page
mz<-,MSdata-method Man page
mzmatch Man page
mzmatch,matrix,SimpleCompoundDb-method Man page
mzmatch,matrix,numeric-method Man page
mzmatch,numeric,SimpleCompoundDb-method Man page
mzmatch,numeric,numeric-method Man page
mzmatchCompoundDbPlain Source code
mzmatchCompoundDbSQL Source code
mzmatchMassCompoundDbSql Source code
mzmatchMassPpmCompoundDbSql Source code
mzmatchMassPpmMatrixCompoundDbSql Source code
mzrange,MSdata-method Man page
mzrange,MSslice-method Man page
mzrange,MSsliceList-method Man page
mzranges Man page
mzranges,MSsliceList-method Man page
names,MSslice-method Man page
names<-,MSslice,ANY-method Man page
names<-,MSslice-method Man page
onLoad Source code
pData,MSslice-method Man page
pData<-,MSslice,ANY-method Man page
pData<-,MSslice-method Man page
peakGroupSummary Man page
peakGroupSummary,xcmsSet-method Man page
phenoData,MSslice-method Man page
phenoData<-,MSslice,ANY-method Man page
phenoData<-,MSslice-method Man page
plotChromatogram Man page
plotChromatogram,MSdata-method Man page
plotChromatogram,MSslice-method Man page
plotSpectrum Man page
plotSpectrum,MSdata-method Man page
plotSpectrum,MSslice-method Man page
removePrefix Source code
rtime,MSdata-method Man page
rtime<- Man page
rtime<-,MSdata-method Man page
rtrange,MSdata-method Man page
rtrange,MSslice-method Man page
rtrange,MSsliceList-method Man page
rtranges Man page
rtranges,MSsliceList-method Man page
scDb Man page
scantimes Man page
scantimes,xcmsRaw-method Man page
show,MSdata-method Man page
show,MSslice-method Man page
show,MSsliceList-method Man page
show,SimpleCompoundDb-method Man page
simpleParseHmdbXml Source code
simpleParseHmdbXmlFolder Source code
singleMatchMz Source code
slices Man page
slices,MSsliceList-method Man page
slices<- Man page
slices<-,MSsliceList-method Man page
subset,MSdata-method Man page
subset,MSslice-method Man page
supportedIonAdducts Man page
supportedIonAdducts,missing,character-method Man page
supportedIonAdducts,missing,missing-method Man page
validBasicrangeFilter Source code
validMassrangeFilter Source code
validateMSdata Source code
validateMSslice Source code
validateMSsliceList Source code
validateSimpleCompoundDb Source code
value,CompoundidFilter,missing-method Man page
value,MassrangeFilter,missing-method Man page
value<-,CompoundidFilter-method Man page
value<-,MassrangeFilter-method Man page
visualizeXcmsSet Man page Source code
where,CompoundidFilter,SimpleCompoundDb,character-method Man page
where,CompoundidFilter,SimpleCompoundDb,missing-method Man page
where,CompoundidFilter,missing,missing-method Man page
where,MassrangeFilter,SimpleCompoundDb,character-method Man page
where,MassrangeFilter,SimpleCompoundDb,missing-method Man page
where,MassrangeFilter,missing,missing-method Man page
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