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COPASI R Connector

addExperimentsAdd a parameter estimation experiment
addOptimizationParameterAdd an optimization parameter
addParameterEstimationParameterAdd a parameter estimation parameter
applyInitialStateApply the model's initial state
autoplot.copasi_tsAutoplot method for COPASI timeseries objects.
clearCustomKineticFunctionsClear custom functions
clearExperimentsClear all parameter estimation experiments
clearOptimizationParametersClear all optimization parameters
clearParameterEstimationParametersClear all parameter estimation parameters
clearValidationsClear all parameter estimation validation data.
compileModelCompile the model
convertToIrreversibleConvert the model to irreversible reactions
CoRC-packageCoRC: COPASI R Connector.
defineExperimentsDefine a parameter estimation experiment
defineOptimizationParameterDefine an optimization parameter
defineParameterEstimationParameterDefine a parameter estimation parameter
deleteCompartmentDelete compartments
deleteEventDelete events
deleteGlobalQuantityDelete global quantities
deleteKineticFunctionDelete a function
deleteReactionDelete reactions
deleteSpeciesDelete species
entity_findersEntity finders
getAreaUnitGet the unit of area
getCompartmentReferencesGet compartment references
getCompartmentsGet compartments
getCopasiInstall COPASI binaries
getCurrentModelGet the currently active model
getEventsGet events
getGlobalQuantitiesGet global quantities
getGlobalQuantityReferencesGet global quantity references
getInitialTimeGet the model's initial time
getInitialValueCalculate the initial value of an expression or reference
getLengthUnitGet the unit of length
getLinearNoiseApproximationSettingsGet linear noise approximation settings
getLinkMatrixGet link matrix
getLoadedModelsGet a list of loaded models
getMetabolicControlAnalysisSettingsGet metabolic control analysis settings
getModelNameGet the model's name
getOptimizationSettingsSet optimization settings
getParameterEstimationSettingsSet parameter estimation settings
getParameterReferencesGet reaction parameter references
getParametersGet reaction parameters
getQuantityUnitGet the unit of quantity
getReactionMappingsGet reaction parameter mappings
getReactionReferencesGet reaction references
getReactionsGet reactions
getReducedStoichiometryMatrixGet reduced stoichiometry matrix
getSpeciesGet species
getSpeciesReferencesGet species references
getSteadyStateSettingsGet steady state settings
getStoichiometryMatrixGet stoichiometry matrix
getTimeCourseSettingsGet time course settings
getTimeUnitGet the unit of time
getValidReactionFunctionsGet valid function names for reaction
getValueCalculate the value of an expression or reference
getVersionGet COPASI version numbers
getVolumeUnitGet the unit of volume
loadExamplesLoad example models
loadModelLoad a model
loadModelFromStringLoad a model from a string
loadSBMLLoad an SBML model
loadSBMLFromStringLoad an SBML model from a string
newCompartmentCreate a new compartment
newEventCreate a new event
newGlobalQuantityCreate a new global quantity
newKineticFunctionCreate a new kinetic function
newModelLoad an empty model
newReactionCreate a new reaction
newSpeciesCreate a new species
openCopasiOpen the model in the COPASI GUI
regexString matching engines from stringr
runLinearNoiseApproximationRun linear noise approximation
runMetabolicControlAnalysisRun metabolic control analysis
runOptimizationRun optimization
runParameterEstimationRun parameter estimation
runSigmaPointRun sigma point method
runSteadyStateRun to steady state
runTimeCourseRun a time course
saveModelSave the model as a .cps file
saveModelToStringSave the model to string
saveSBMLSave the model as a SBML file
saveSBMLToStringSave the model to an SBML string
setAreaUnitSet the unit of area
setCompartmentsSet compartments
setCurrentModelSet the currently active model
setEventsSet events
setGlobalQuantitiesSet global quantities
setInitialTimeSet the model's initial time
setLengthUnitSet the unit of length
setLinearNoiseApproximationSettingsSet linear noise approximation settings
setMetabolicControlAnalysisSettingsSet metabolic control analysis settings
setModelNameSet a model's name
setOptimizationSettingsSet optimization settings
setParameterEstimationSettingsSet parameter estimation settings
setParametersSet reaction parameters
setQuantityUnitSet the unit of quantity
setReactionFunctionSet a reaction function
setReactionMappingsSet reaction parameter mappings
setReactionsSet reactions
setSpeciesSet species
setSteadyStateSettingsSet steady state settings
setTimeCourseSettingsSet time course settings
setTimeUnitSet the unit of time
setVolumeUnitSet the unit of volume
unloadAllModelsUnload all loaded models
unloadModelUnload a model
updateInitialStateUpdate the model's initial state from the current state
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